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Want to govern effectively, Mr. Trump?

Lee H. Hamilton - Guest Column
 As Mario Cuomo said, politicians campaign in poetry but have to govern in prose. Now we have a president-elect who campaigned in tweets...but still will have to govern in prose.
So, like a few thousand other Americans, I’d like to give him some advice. Not on the substance of policy itself — that he’ll handle himself — but on how to be effective at achieving what he’d like to achieve.

An exercise of Democracy

John L. Micek - Syndicated Columnist
Meet Megan Hicks, sore loser.
The Philadelphian was camped on a bench in the Pennsylvania state Capitol rotunda in Harrisburg on Monday morning, waiting, like the rest of us, for the Keystone State’s presidential electors to go through a hugely symbolic, yet no less hugely important, exercise.
And it did, right on time.

Republicans are the masters of not ‘getting over’ things

Will Durst - Syndicated Columnist
And now a few choice words for all Republicans advising Democrats to “stop whining about the election and get over it.” Oh, really. Get over losing a presidential election to a high-strung petulant flake soon to be in possession of the nuclear codes? Get over a man destined to be leader of the Free World tweeting frivolous 3 a.m. insults at Alec Baldwin?

‘Santa’ replaces laptops stolen from food bank

As most of you know, Hays County Food Bank (HCFB) recently had a visit from a Grinch-y character. Laptops and other computer equipment that we use to run secure client and food distribution software was stolen. While this did not keep people in need from receiving food, it did slow down the process considerably. We had to use pen and paper, which leads to a higher risk of information being misplaced and/or lost in transit.


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