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Thank you good Samaritans


This past weekend I helped move my granddaughter to San Marcos to attend college. I pulled a small trailer with some of her belongings behind my pickup.

We unloaded late Saturday evening and spent the night in a hotel. Sunday morning on the way to my granddaughter’s apartment the pin holding the trailer to my trailer hitch somehow came out and the trailer dropped down onto the safety chains and of course swayed all over. I managed to get off the street and into a parking lot.

A gentleman in a van stopped and asked if he could help. I explained the problem and that I would try to find another pin to reattach the hitch into the receiver on my pickup. He said he would find out where I could find a new pin.

Before he could do his research, a pickup with a gentleman and two young men pulled up and asked if they could help. I explained the problem. The gentleman said, no problem, let these to young guys take care of it. He said they grew up on a farm and new exactly what to do. The two young fellows reattached the hitch to my pickup, reached into a tool box on the pickup and pulled out the correct pin to keep it attached. In a matter of minutes, I was ready to go.

I insisted on paying the gentleman for the pin and their efforts. He told me that would defeat his whole purpose of stopping to help.

I did not get their names, but wanted to thank all of these people for helping me out. San Marcos has some tremendous citizens and enabled me to enjoy San Marcos for a couple of days.

Kenneth Poole

Amarillo, Texas




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