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Strahan sold out!

I have a Dream. That one day I’ll go to Stahan Colosium and watch Basketball or Volley ball and the place is completely packed! My dream has never ever even been close to being realized that I know of anyway.
This Saturday I went and watch my beloved Bobcats take on the Sun Belt top ranked Men’s Basketball team and our only Texas conference rival - UT Arlington. UT Arlington is expected to win the Sunbelt Conference and consistently has a good team. They were 12-3 coming into the game. But the Bobcats played great, excellent shooting, good defense, and when they lost their lead they recomposed and regained it again soon thereafter. I was so damn proud of all of them and the coaching staff.
But, there’s that word….one used often for excuses. I thought how sad it was that hardly anyone was there to see it. I’m guessing 500-1000 people showed up for a Saturday game at 4:30 after all your errands and school work could have be done. There was no excuse for the sorry attendance that day.
But you had other things to do? But the completion isn’t Texas, Louisville, Duke, Kansas, or A&M? But it was cold? But what? What we need are less “buts” and more Bobcat BUTTS in the seats to support our teams.
Do you realize that when the Big XII was talking expansion, Texas State was hardly ever mentioned unless you searched really hard on the internet to find some miniscule article that no one but you and a few others read. It was always Houston or BYU etc. We are not in that conversation because our students and the San Marcos Community do not support the Bobcats like they should. You want to see better competition instead of Incarnate Word and Prairie View A&M every year? Then get you Butt into a seat and let’s get noticed! If we filled Bobcat Stadium and Strahan up every game we could get into the Big XII or any other conference we wanted.
Iowa State is in the Big XII. We are bigger and a better school than they are. But they lead the nation in Basketball attendance and fill up their 15,000 seat Hilton Coliseum regularly. Strahan only holds 7,200 currently and we’ve never come close to filling it. What a shame. The same can be said for football, baseball, softball, soccer, golf, track & field & even TENNIS.
I hope I live to see the day when Strahan and Bobcat Stadiums are filled to capacity for every game. I say that with full sincerity as my health is very tenuous due to a serious bacterial infection. But like the Bobcats did against their formidable foe on Saturday, I will continue to fight on and hope to be victorious as well, so I can continue to support my beloved Bobcats in the future.
Our fight song says “We’re gonna cheer for our team today, until the whole world knows our name.” I do hope that we resolve in this new year to start living that truth out. Go Bobcats!!!
May God Bless the Bobcat athletes and the fans that support them regularly!

Charles Dean Bowen

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