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Pictured are Chef Gary Orris, culinary staff Peter Villanueva, Diana Gonzalez, Annie Cook, Shirley Capello, Eva Prasla, Denise Barton, Justin Gillette and Pamela Friese, Finance Director Cathy Eggers, Deputy Director Nathalene Matthews, students James Long, Jamal Garry and Maquice Johnson, and friends of Gary Job Corps Arcie Orris and Eva Goodman. PHOTO COURTESY OF GARY JOB CORP

Gary chefs create first meal of the new year

Gary Job Corps Chef Gary Orris and the culinary staff served the 2017 first supper meal of steak and shrimp to the students in celebration of the New Year. 
Gary Job Corps is a federally funded program for young men and women between the ages of 16 and 24, training in over 25 vocations in health and support  occupations, construction and manufacturing vocations.   
The Center has been operated by Management & Training Corporation for the Department of Labor since 2000. 

• Submitted by Gary Job Corps

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