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Invasion of the San Marcos River sole

The San Marcos River Sole, Pescados zapato (San Marcos) has once again started its summer invasion of the San Marcos River.

This aquatic noxious species tends to show up in mass starting around Memorial Day weekend and continue to multiple and clutter the river till sometime after Labor Day.

Most folks will recognize the species on sight. They come in all colors and sizes and can even bear reference to colleges and universities, popular brand name clothing lines, popular beverages and cartoon characters, to name a few specifics.

Thus far in 2013, from Memorial Day weekend through the Summer Solstice (June 21); collecting on the river from Sewell Park to Sculls Crossing, more than 120 of these littering critters have been captured.

It has been and remains my hope, that bringing this one form of litter to the publics attention will have some impact and influence on peoples choice of appropriate footwear when going tubing, or paddling or swimming in the river.

The San Marcos River is truly a unique, natural jewel; a center piece and a hallmark of our community.

Please be response when enjoying the river, pick up your trash, pick up other peoples trash, wear proper footwear and leave the river cleaner and more pristine at the end of your stay.

If everyone does their part, our San Marcos River will remain a beautiful, recreational resource for all to enjoy now and for generations to come.

Robert Schmid, the artist that created the Forest of Lost Soles (flip flop trees in 2010, 2011, and 2012) to bring to public attention the need for proper footwear on the river, is an expert on this exotic, invasive, nuisance species.

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