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Be a friend to birds like this little finch by putting up a bird

Bird feeding faux pas, five easy fixes

By Joan Casanova
Special to the Record

Fabulous food, pretty presentation and attention to detail can earn you a reputation as an amazing host among your human guests. But when you serve your feathered friends, are you committing a feeding faux pas that you fear may prove unforgivable?
Birds may be small, but they pack long memories into those little craniums, and they won’t soon forget if you serve the wrong food, make a bad feeder choice or allow uninvited squirrels in on the action. Certain feeding missteps, however, are fairly easy to fix.

Faux pas No. 1 – Serving junk food.
You wouldn’t invite your friends over for a dinner party and serve them a bucket of take-out fried chicken, would you? Well, that’s essentially what you’re doing if you serve birds human food like bread, donuts or cookies, or stock feeders with seed mixes that are made up mostly of millet, other fillers or low-quality seeds.
The fix: Fill feeders with quality options like Cole’s Suet Cakes, Dried Mealworms or premium seed blends. Suet and dried mealworms (less messy than live mealworms) provide much-needed energy and fat, while quality seed blends incorporate only the seeds birds really like to eat, without the chemicals and mineral oil coating of cheaper brands. Visit to learn more about types of bird feed.


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