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‘Water on Home Front’ workshop tomorrow

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In anticipation of another hot, dry summer, San Marcos' Council of Neighborhood Associations (CONA) will host a workshop on residential water conservation on the evening of Monday, May 19 at the Dunbar Recreation Center. The workshop is open to the public and will feature presentations from Clean Water Fund, the City of San Marcos, and landscaping expert Robert Beyer.
San Marcos is currently in stage 3 Drought Restrictions, and conditions are expected to worsen during the summer.
“We all need to do our part to conserve water, especially with levels in the Edwards Aquifer continuing to drop,” said Betsy Robertson, President of CONA. “Homeowners can literally take matters into their own hands in their yards, and this workshop is designed to motivate them do that.”
“Water conservation is by far the most cost-effective way to meet future water needs,” said David Foster, Clean Water Fund State Director. “It is less costly than alternatives such as new reservoirs, piping in water from afar, or desalinization.” Clean Water Fund has held dozens of similar “Water on the  Home Front” meetings in various part of Texas. Their goal is to provide information on long-term water trends in Texas, what is driving demand, and what individuals can do at home to conserve. The meetings include an interactive ‘vote for your preferred landscape’ session, and time for Q and A.
    Foster's “The Water Conservation Imperative” will showcase big-picture trends in Texas water, the challenges we face, and offer solutions. Robert Beyer, creator of the ”Central Texas Gardening” website, will explain the benefits of xeriscaping, illustrate how he transformed his own yard, and give examples of other xeriscapes. Finally, Jan Klein, Conservation Coordinator for the City of San Marcos, will provide an update on the city’s conservation programs, including its new rainwater collection system rebate.

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