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A Word About Recycling

Ollie Maier- Daily Record Columnist

Back again after spending over six weeks in Minnesota helping my brother on his little farm after his open heart surgery (he was restricted from lifting bales of hay for a while after such surgery). Enjoyed Thanksgiving and the Christmas holidays… although feeding the animals while it was 27 degrees below zero detracted a little. But back now with you; did you miss me? (Don’t answer that.)

Colors: Creating a room’s energy

Dahila Woods- Daily Record Columnist

Wandering into the paint store, there are hundreds of paint samples from which to choose.

As I had mentioned in previous columns, your home is your castle-— your sanctuary from the world. You want to create an environment that is nurturing and positive​.​

 Color is a stimulus for the senses.​It is an adventure implement a color palette that suits your lifestyle.

​Here are the color possibilities and how the they affect your environment​:

Primary Colors: blue, red and yellow​


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