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Gardening is a great family activity.

Gardening and its nutritious benefits

By Staff Reports

It’s a well-known fact that few Americans actually get the recommended daily dose of vitamins. Many turn to over-the-counter supplements to fill in nutritional gaps. But wouldn’t it be better – not to mention tastier – to get needed nutrients from what you eat? This season, why not turn your vegetable and herb garden into a “vitamin garden?”
Fortunately, many vitamin-packed vegetables and herbs are easy to grow. Hardy, bountiful varieties like those from Bonnie Plants make it even easier to claim vitamin victory in your veggie garden. Studies show that gardeners tend to eat more fruits and vegetables than non-gardeners, and nothing beats the flavor and freshness of home-grown veggies, fruits and herbs. In addition to the many health benefits gardening delivers, such as gentle exercise, fresh air and sunshine, growing your own vegetables can help ensure you meet vitamin requirements.

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