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Whatever your oven situation, gazpacho will get you cooled down.

This sandwich is hearty and will fill you with nutrition.

Candice's Kitchen: Cooking without an oven

Features Editor


It’s summer, it’s hot, and some of us are still without electricity in San Marcos. We’d like to be able to make something without our ovens. Thankfully, your options are not limited to wilty salads and cold-cut sandwiches. Here are some ideas to stay away from heating up your already-hot-and-humid home and still create something delicious.


Gazpacho with goat cheese


Try eating your veggies this way. It’s different and delicious. (Daily Record photo by Candice Brusuelas)

Candice's Kitchen Sweet curry ‘veggetti’


Features Editor


So, we all know that pasta isn’t very healthy (right?). But as much as I love veggies, sometimes you miss the change of pace, and this veggie-based dish cures my pasta craving. I bought Steven a “Veggetti” spiralizer for Easter and we’ve been making several new dishes with it. It’s easy and often faster to make than normal pasta, plus, you won’t feel bad about having a “noodle” dish you love.


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