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Austinite Nathan Davis hosted a tea tasting at Redbud Roasters coffee shop (which has recently added tea to the menu). Davis pours a black tea to sample. (Daily Record photo by Candice Brusuelas)

Patrons were allowed to smell a variety of teas at Redbud Roasters last week and try some samples. The tasting also included information and backgrounds about different kinds of teas. (Daily Record photo by Candice Brusuelas)

You don’t have to be gourmet to have a filling, delicious meal. (Daily Record photo by Candice Brusuelas)

Candice's Kitchen: Spinach and basil breakfast pita


Features Editor


This was a spur-of-the-moment creation that turned out quite well. Basil is essential, in my humble opinion. I made this within 15 minutes. It’s not taxing time-wise and has a good balance of nutrients.

Two eggs
Handful chopped red onion
Two handfuls of spinach (you can never have enough!)
Your favorite hummus
One whole-wheat pita
One large basil leaf, chopped small


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