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Kent Black poses next to his new indoor Kent Blacks’ BBQ sign at the new San Marcos location.
One of Black’s three 17-foot pits, not fully constructed and ready to make delectable BBQ. Not yet, at least.
A new sign inside Kent Black’s BBQ advertising Black’s Giant Beef Ribs.

Kent Black’s BBQ coming to San Marcos

Kent Black has a secret recipe, but he’s not sharing.
“I do (have a secret recipe), but none that I could tell you about,” he tells me at Kent Black’s BBQ’s new location on Grove. “We’ve got secrets. Trademark stuff.”
The place is still partially a dusty old warehouse that was used to store cotton, but is transforming into a first-rate BBQ joint. There’s rustic painted aluminum art on the walls, a new 17-foot pit inside, an indoor-outdoor patio beaming sunlight into one of the main seating areas and a new deck and handicap accessible walkway in the back.

Hays Co Bar-B-Que owner Michael Hernandez (right) stands with son, and youngest pit master in Texas Monthly’s Top 50, Aaron Hernandez in front of one of the restaurant’s grilling pits.
Aaron Hernandez takes brisket off the pit after it has been cooking for 20 hours.
A variety of some of Hays Co.’s signature brisket sausage and pork chops, accompanied with fresh tomato, avocado and jalapeno.

Hays Co. Bar-B-Que: A smoking hot Texas tradition

San Marcos is now home to one of Texas Monthly’s top 50 barbecue restaurants in Texas — and therefore, as many Texans will argue, the world. In its new location, Hays Co. Bar-B-Que and Catering is the only barbecue joint in San Marcos that provides the cooking style of real Texas barbecue in addition to a happening music scene that’s worth the trip itself.


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