Bobcats sweep NCSC

Shown above are Vicki West, faculty coach; Carolina Espinoza; Mykayla Goodwin, undergraduate champion; Logan Matson, undergraduate semi-finalist; Amy Parker, graduate division overall champion; Greg Souquettem and Monica Zerwas, graduate division overall champion.

Nearly 150 college students from 67 universities traveled to Georgia for a chance to compete at the 15th Annual National Collegiate Sales Competition (NCSC), hosted by the Coles College of Business at Kennesaw State University March 1-4.
These students are not just competing for the title of champion. They are also competing for job offers from Fortune 500 recruiters from across the world. The NCSC has become an annual hot spot for recruiters who want to hire the top sales students in the United States.
The NCSC, the world’s largest collegiate sales competition, pits top sales students in a test of live role-play, one-on-one sales call challenges.
Each sales call is broadcast live to locations on campus where college faculty from across the country and recruiters from sponsoring companies participate as judges and evaluate each student’s performance.
Representing the graduate division for Texas State University were Monica Zerwas and Amy Parker. Representing the undergraduate division for Texas State were Mykayla Goodwin and Logan Matson. Rachael Jorgensen served as the graduate team student coach. She was supported by Greg Souquette and Carolina Espinoza, who were also team participants this year. The faculty coach was Vicki West.

Results and this
year’s winners include:
Undergraduate Division – Final Four Winners (out of a field of 134)
1st Place: Mykayla Goodwin – Texas State University
2nd Place: Brittany Nagy – University of Akron
3rd Place: Kalie Noll – Ball State University
4th Place: Gary Tam – Queens University

Mykayla Goodwin had this to say:
“Once again the preparation provided by Texas State faculty has set our program apart. Our nationally recognized sales team continues to win and attract the attention of top global companies and hiring our students is a top priority with these prestigious firms. I have been honored to be a part of this program, and I would not have had any of these opportunities if it were not for the continued excellence in our professional selling program.”
Each undergraduate team has two members whose cumulative scores through each of four consecutive rounds of selling over a three day period are tallied.
Logan Matson advanced to the “Sweet Sixteen” division. Mykayla Goodwin advanced to the “Final Four” and won the first place award. Their combined scores allowed Texas State to bring home the trophy for first place overall at the undergraduate level.

Graduate Division Overall Champion – Texas State University
1st Round Needs Identification Champion – Monica Zerwas, Texas State University
2nd Round Team Selling Champions – Monica Zerwas & Amy Parker, Texas State University
3rd Round Account Maintenance Champion – Amy Parker, Texas State University

The overall Graduate Division Team Champion is determined by cumulative points in all three graduate rounds, highlighting the importance of both individual and team sales ability.
Monica Zerwas, the graduate winner of the needs identification round, had these comments:
“Our team’s dedication to uphold our reputation of excellence was one of the main drivers that helped all of us reach our goals. The Texas State Professional Selling program and its students share an unparalleled passion for hard work.”
Nearly 50 companies participated, including: 3M, Liberty Mutual, Henry Schein, Tom James, TekSystems and ADP, the product sponsor for 2013-2017. Previewing elite up-and-coming sales talent who can add value to their respective organizations is the primary reason for their involvement. Additionally, the companies listed above partner with Texas State University’s Center for Professional Selling.
Amy Parker, the graduate champion of the sales maintenance round, said, “The chance to represent the Texas State Sales Program at the National Collegiate Sale Competition in the graduate division was an opportunity for which I am deeply thankful.”

About NCSC
Inaugurated in 1999, the National Collegiate Sales Competition (NCSC) is the largest and oldest sales role-play competition in existence. Its mission is to enhance the practice and professionalism of the sales profession.