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Dam is a historical fixture

To whom it may concern,


I am expressing my dismay over the removal of the dam at Cape’s Camp. It is a historical fixture built in the 1860s. What would this town do if all of us who owned historical properties would just tear down our properties rather than lovingly repair and maintain them as we do?

Housing unmet by draft action plan

It is disappointing that city council currently recommends 70 percent of the $25 million HUD CDBG disaster relief grant be designated for infrastructure, planning and administration – leaving only 30 percent to address unmet housing needs of flood damaged homes. This disaster grant is most likely the final chance to help our citizens repair and recover from two historic floods last year.

Stop profiting from river

Dear Editor,


It seems that there are three main reactions to the beautiful sacred waters of the San Marcos River. Some people love the river and want to preserve it for future generations. Some people just want to use the river for their own pleasure now. And some people want to exploit our natural resource for their own economic gain.

Often people in the last two categories will pretend to be in the first.

If we really want to “Save OUR River,” then we need to stop individuals from profiting financially from it.


Thank you,



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