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Poor GOP and Democratic Leadership

Peter Stern - Letter to the Editor | 

It is a very frustrating time for American Citizens!

I have not cared for GOP leadership for the past several decades.  Those managing the Party have lost touch with the American people.  The GOP needs to re-engage American citizens and do what’s best for the nation and NOT only its special interests.

That said, the Democrats have similar issues and need to stop pushing for socialist agendas that are not in the best interests of our nation and start doing what is best for American citizens.

Take a breath, folks, 2016 is not 1968

Dick Polman - Syndicated Columnist | 

The latest fad, propagated by many members of the commentariat, is to equate the America of 2016 with the America of 1968. I heard it more recently from Chuck Todd of NBC News: “Not since the summers of the ‘60s and violence in Watts, Detroit, and Chicago has the nation felt so hopelessly divided.”

Black and white and traffic stops

John L. Micek

A couple of years back, when I was driving down to Florida, I got pulled over on U.S. Route 301 in a little town called Waldo near Gainesville.

It was late - past 2 a.m. -- and I was pretty sure I wasn't speeding. So when the dome lights of an Alachua County cruiser flashed to garish life in my rearview mirror, I had no idea what was happening.

Compassion for all Americans

Dear Editor,

I express most all of Americans' deep and heartfelt grief for the families and friends of the 49 killed in Orlando. There is much wailing and gnashing of teeth throughout America.

But I wonder are Americans aware of the millions (that's millions) of children, mothers, elderly, combatants, etc., that we Americans kill in the Middle East and Africa? Where is the show of compassion, sympathy and grief for these human beings?


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