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Our Viewpoint: H-E-B is a partner we can trust

Don Moore - Daily Record Publisher

H-E-B would like to build a new store in San Marcos. A new H-E-B is usually greeted with open arms, and the Record believes the majority of the residents in San Marcos feel this one should be, too. Bring it on.

On Thursday night, H-E-B held a community meeting inviting San Marcos residents to come listen to the plan and make suggestions about how the grocery giant might build a better store.

New city consultant a cruel joke

The hiring by the city of another parking consultant, as reported in the main headline article of Wednesday’s paper, is a cruel joke. 
By allowing a 30 percent reduction in the number of off-street parking places required for the Carson Monstrosity, the city has created a situation where in excess of 100 of the 622 off-street parking spaces available downtown will be taken up on a mostly full-time basis by students attending classes during the day. 



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