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Distressed about development

I’m distressed about development plans for the Lindsey Hill historic district. Let’s face it-the focus of the building boom everywhere in the city is mainly to cater to Texas State students. The university has demanded time and time again that permanent residents tolerate the creep of apartments, bars, etc. into their neighborhoods. The developers smell a profit and give the residents lip service, then seldom follow through with their lofty promises to consider their concerns.

Hope city planners learned a lesson

Dear Editor:
I live on Burleson, in a little house so close to the narrow street that there is not even a sidewalk between my door and the street. I am  three blocks away from Lindsey Hill’s proposed 5-story parking garage,  which will dump hundreds of new cars per day onto my already busy street. Once dumped, each driver will have 2 choices of direction, and one of those directions will take many of those cars within about 10 feet of my bed. Cars speed up the street now on their way to and from Bracewood,  and that number will mushroom exponentially.

No idea his generosity had touched so many

An open letter to the community:
After much thought and consideration about the hundreds of people that showed their love to our family during a difficult time with the loss of my beloved husband, Tomas Cuevas Jr., I want to say thank you, from the bottom of my heart.
My family and I were so overcome with emotions that words cannot possibly describe our sincere gratefulness and the love we felt from so many people. We could not imagine that Tommy’s generosity had touched so many people.

Feeling betrayed by city

For 28 years, I have been an environmental activist in San Marcos fighting for my neighbors. Friends told me that when you buy a home everything changes. My friends were right; I love all aspects of home ownership. So I participated in the land development code revision process called SMTX Code Rodeo.


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