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Protect our people, and protect our investment

By a unanimous vote last week, the San Marcos city council voted to reaffirm our support for the Lone Star Rail initiative to develop passenger and freight rail improvements between Austin and San Antonio.

As the city perhaps most affected by Union Pacific’s recent withdrawal from a planning study agreement with Lone Star, we thought other residents of the Corridor might be interested in our reasoning.

A Time To Come Together

Governor Greg Abbott

Our hearts are heavy. 

 Last Friday night in Dallas, five law enforcement officers were killed; seven officers and two civilians were wounded.

 The coordinated ambush and deliberate, brutal executions were acts of cowardice – hiding behind innocents to target and savagely slaughter peace officers dedicated to preserving life and our freedoms. 

 The full force of the law must ensure all responsible are brought to justice and our communities are kept secure. 



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