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Letter to the Editor

We’re Going to Be a Pain in the Butt About Colonoscopies


Colorectal cancer is preventable if it’s caught early – that’s why getting a routine colonoscopy is so important for everyone starting at age 50. Skipping recommended screenings could mean a patient receives a later-stage colorectal cancer diagnosis that can be more expensive to treat and harder to survive.

Americana on a bun

It’s July, and we know what that means: time to celebrate the American hot dog.

July is National Hot Dog Month, you see, a glorious month when the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council tells us about the history of the dog and shares new recipes.

According to the council, sausages, such as hot dogs, have been around a long time. They were mentioned in Homer’s “Odyssey” as far back as the ninth century B.C.


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