13 Questions with Jennifer Martin

Sarah Oliveras (pictured above) teaches the advanced classes on the weekends at Pole Fitness while Martin teaches during the week. (Photo by Cody Herring)

Yes, she may have started out as a stripper, but that doesn’t mean that Jennifer Martin (or her partner, Advanced Teacher Sara Olivares) will teach you how to be one. Pole Fitness, located on 106 W. Hopkins St., is a place where people who don’t like to work out can get their exercise in without counting push ups. But while there’s no counting involved, trust us (a few of us at the Record got to take a beginner’s class) when we say you’ll break a sweat.

1. How did you get into pole fitness?
I used to be a stripper. I worked out and made lots of money, four to six times a week for eight hours each day. When I quit five or six years ago, I gained a lot of weight and decided that’s what was keeping me fit. So, I did it every night in my room and lost 40 pounds in three months doing it every day for an hour a day. That’s how I got into it and got the idea to show other women how fun it can be and what good exercise it is.

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Kaitlin Schmidt is the Features Editor at the San Marcos Daily Record.